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Warrior Path is a Wealth Warrior tool for focusing and channelling one’s awareness, thoughts, feelings and actions about a particular area of endeavor in such a way that 1) one grows in one’s courage, honor, awareness, power, vision, etc., and 2) swift, courageous and progressive action towards one’s objective results.

Whereas traditional organizational tools tend to focus on activities or outcomes, particularly external outcomes, the Warrior Path shifts one’s orientation to past, present, future, self, feedback/criticism, accountability, accountability partners, etc. to a way of being:

  • Action Item
  • A To-Do List (of Action Items)
  • Project – A set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations for the purpose of attaining a particular outcome.
  • Program – An ongoing project to attain/maintain a certain outcome(s) over an ongoing period of time.
  • Warrior Path – A program whose primary outcome is an internal one, that of being a “warrior” (facing everything, standing for your values/people, seeing a Warrior Vision that calls for bold action, taking bold actions, etc.).  Said another way, it is is the view of a program through the eyes of the warrior role or warrior ethos.

To learn more about Warrior Path as a concept and to implement it as a tool in your life, invest in the Visionary Mind Program (or VisionForce 101).

Warrior Paths are augmented when used with Honor Contracts, Wealth Warrior Rituals and the Wealth Warrior Guidance System.  [add links+

Recent Updates

  • From Chile to Brazil

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    I met a young Israeli man in Chile just after the New Year.  He came to South America looking to reconnect to himself, his power, his authentic desires for his life… and years worth of study of practical spirituality, such as Toltec wisdom.  He had earmarked certain locations in South America and Mexico that he felt might hold wisdom for him, and a sense that he wanted to spend time with a shaman and perhaps experience Ayahuasca.

    The day we met, I had been in a holding pattern, waiting for the signal–the knowing–that it was time to depart for Brazil to plan and launch the adventure for men I have been envisioning and working on.

    I recognized his moment in life as a Ronin Journey.  We talked about Honor, No Compromise, Tesão and Ayahuasca.  Then our journey began towards Brazil.  We chronicled it in several videos, and I intend to share it in the coming weeks and months.

    Now, 3 months later we are contemplating another journey.  A deeper journey into power and wisdom, as he is seeking training in mastering the Honor Window, and more…

    The visions I have for taking Western men on grand adventures into LIFE continue.  Stay tuned…

  • Wealth Warrior Update

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    I have had many visions about a return the Wealth Warrior work and culture over the years.  My next big steps towards these visions in 2016 are 1) the release of my Ronin Diaries series directed towards young men who identify as outsiders, rebels and/or revolutionaries, 2) the second beta-test of cross-cultural transformational adventures for men…