Michael Skye

Transformational Travel Guide


Transformational Travel Guide since 2010
I’m now on my 8th year slow traveling the world, exploring new cultures and on occasion guiding people on transformational travel adventures in Africa, South America and South East Asia.  I work only when I desire, with people I enjoy, and in places I love to explore myself.  I’m convinced that compromise is not necessary, life can be easy and thriving is a choice.

Digital Nomad since 2001
I’ve been doing business of some sort or another online since 2001, when I turned a speech I gave at a futurist conference in Las Vegas into two story ebooks, Awakening the Wealth Warriors (free), and the sequel, Staying Awake: Secrets of A Wealth Warrior ($40).

Transformational Leader since 2002
I followed my books with my Wealth Warrior Awakenings online course, Wealth Warrior workshops, Wealth Warrior Boot Camps, Wealth Creator Boot Camps and more.  Then in 2006 I turned my focus towards visionaries, social entrepreneurs, inspired artists and activists, and other world changers/creators–and VisionForce was born.  The VisionForce iStands being our cornerstone training, and the Honor Window being the most wide-spread tool/process.was born.  In 2010 I took some of the VisionForce tribe on a transformational safari in East Africa, and the VisionForce Safaris were born.

Ronin since 1988
Ronin were masterful warriors (samurai) from in feudal Japan, trained in the ways of warriorship and honor, who defied their honor code when they refused to take their own lives upon the death of their master.  Raised in the Mormon religion to be one of God’s holy warriors in the last days of world, I defied my proscribed honor path, code and tribe when I left a broken home at 17, refused to serve a mission at 19 and formally filed my leaving papers at 24.  My personal path and honor required I defy the path that had been set for me. I never expected that leaving my American culture would be about as difficult as leaving Mormon culture.  For it is not enough to walk way, our culture lives in us, and if we don’t pay great attention, it guides us and defines us.  The transformational work I’ve developed over many years has everything to do with my history–religion, family, culture, and walking away with honor while standing for all.