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The Ronin Diaries (series)

Book 1:  Gone Ronin (Available on Amazon in January 2016)
Book 2:
Book 3:

There are a number of Ronin titles to follow.

Drumbeat of the Visionary Troubadour.

Visionary Heart

Visionary Mind – This is a short book that leads into the Visionary Mind Program.  I plan to draw from the VMP workbook.

Awakening the Wealth Warriors (on Amazon)

Currently Awakening the Wealth Warriors is followed by a sequel called, Staying Awake, Secrets of a Wealth Warrior, but I am intending to follow Awakening the Wealth Warriors with an email list which continues the story over a series of emails and invites the reader to partake in a new Wealth Warrior course, or an upgraded Wealth Warrior Awakenings course.  The emails will sample and sell the course.

The Honor Window
The Honor Window Workshop Facilitator Manual