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Transformational Travel Guide


I attempt to learn from everyone who crosses my path, below in bold are those who I have learned the most from directly or indirectly through a lot of time, study and/or experience.  When I say “learned”, I am not referring to what they may have tried to teach or impart, simply what I gathered during my time with them and/or their ideas.  To the left of each bolded teacher are some of their primary influences, and to the right are some of those who have been deeply influenced (often I have learned from some of those to the right and left).  And yes, in my list of teachers I am including experiences, plants and concepts I have tracked.

My greatest teacher has been my heart (perhaps what some might call conscience or the holy spirit) and the results of my learnings can be found in the Honor Work that has emerged from my listening/learning/seeing and that of others who have joined me in it.  It has been a gentle yet powerful humbling, calming, stabilizing, loving force of guidance in my life–helping me to balance my penchant for impulsive judging, leaving and jumping [links].

My greatest way of learning has been following the impulse to jump into the unknown following my desire and curiosity, then creating models and experiences for others to join me in what I am learning.

Then, in alphabetical order:

American Natives – America’s Founders – American Culture –
– Indigenous Peoples
Aristotle – Logic – Ayn Rand (as an author) – Nathaniel Branden – Ron Paul
Conflict Resolution – iStand Facilitation
Creating (the act of creating and role of creator)
Jesus Christ – Yoga – Deborah York (as a partner and ally)
Physics – Logic – Dr. Eli Goldratt (as an author) – Theory of Constraints
Jesus Christ – Joseph Smith – Father (both my father, and the father role*) –
Fear (including risk taking) 
 – Entrepreneurship
Honor (My Heart/”Holy Spirit”) –  Honor Work –
“Horse Rider” (as dear friend and partner)
Human Development/Transformation/Facilitation
iStand Facilitation

American Natives & Plants – Jesus Christ – Joseph Smith – Modern Mormonism – Stephen Covey
American Natives – “Journeyman O” (as friend, student and teacher)
Julian Jaynes

American Culture – Jesus Christ – Joseph Smith – New Age Spiritualty – Mother
Shame (including failure, but much more than that)
Mormonism – Human Potential Movement – Stephen Covey
Eastern Philosophy – Human Potential Movement – Scientology – Werner Erhard – Thomas Leonard – Landmark Education
World Travel

*I mention the father role, even though I am not a biological father.  More on this another time.

I may create a page on this site for each of these teachers to point to what I have learned from each and to give people some bread crumbs with which to track them and learn deeply from them.  For now some outside links will do.

Current Teachers