Michael Skye

Transformational Travel Guide


I have lived most of my adult life inside of overarching mythologies I created as a way to give myself and others a powerful, metaphorical story to live into.  For each I created concepts, tools, methods, trainings, events, etc.

Rising Phoenix (1996 – 2000) – For a small glimpse into this world, check out Tonight I Fly!

Wealth Warrior (Phase One 2001 – 2005) – For a glimpse inside this world, check out my book, Awakening the Wealth Warriors from 2001, a short intro here, and a partial list of creations from Wealth Warrior 1.0.

VisionForce (Phase One 2006 – 2010) –  You can read the story here, or get a glimpse by checking out our March 2007 VisionForce Boot Camp which united 30 visionaries from around the world to face everything, avoid nothing to stand for humanity.

Visionary Troubadour (2011 – 2013) –

Rise of the Ronin (2014 – …) –

Wealth Warrior 2.0 (2016 – …) –