Michael Skye

Transformational Travel Guide

Carpe Diem! World Traveler Course

What if Long, Restful, Rejuvenating Sabbaticals (and even slow world travel) Can Be A Part of Your Life From Now On…

After 7 years slow traveling the world, I’ve designed a way to share how I’ve been able to thrive for so long without debt, credit, savings, a job or a business.

I have received so many beautiful invitations and gifts as I’ve traveled that my journey has transformed me, my experience of life and my view of humanity in beautiful ways.

If you let me, I’ll show you how to get started, and how to make a life full of sabbaticals and world travel easy, inexpensive and sustainable. Watch my free 4-part Carpe Diem video series!

At the end of that series, you’ll be invited to join my Carpe Diem World Traveler course. In addition to lots of great travel hacks and ways to save and make money as you travel,

>> We give you warm invitations to visit other countries (starting with my 2-day bonus)… and including longer group and individual welcome journeys… soft landings, warm welcomes, slow paced explorations and conversations, friendly introductions to our local friends and world traveler friends…

>> We give you connections to some of my best friends around the world, who you could visit or travel with (many of whom could be guides for you officially or unofficially),

>> We give you live conversations and connections with a tribe of travelers on live video calls,

>> We give you inspiring interviews with world travelers who are creating their lives and their journeys in their own way,

And so much more. If you’re interested, start with the free 4-part Carpe Diem video series.